Manual (built 26. june 2008)

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Source Code Documentation (built 18. june 2008)

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Supported network protocols

ARP Address Resolution Protocol RFC826
Ethernet Ethernet v2 framing
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol RFC792
IP Internet Protocol v4 RFC791
IPv6 Internet Protocol v6 RFC2460
TCP Transmission Control Protocol RFC793
UDP User Datagram Protocol RFC768

Anonymization Primitives and Special Handlers

AnonBroadcastHandler Special handling to prevent anonymization of broadcast addresses. Can be chained with a normal anonymization primitive for non-broadcast addresses.
AnonBytewise Base handler for easy development and combination of anonymization mechanisms and bytewise anonymization of values.
AnonBytewiseHashHmacSha1 Bytewise anonymization using HMAC SHA1.
AnonBytewiseHashSha1 Bytewise anonymization using SHA1 hash.
AnonConstOverwrite Overwrite with a given constant value.
AnonContinuousChar Overwrites byte values with continously increasing characters, e.g. 'a', 'b', etc.
AnonCryptoPan Prefix-preserving anonymization using CryptoPan.
AnonHashHmacSha1 HMAC SHA1 hash is applied on protocol field.
AnonHashSha1 SHA1 hash is applied on protocol field
AnonIdentity Identity transformation that preserves the original value.
AnonRandomize Fill the contents with random values.
AnonShorten Shorten the value to a given size.
AnonShuffle Shuffle the byte values.
AnonWhitenoise Apply bitwise white noise.