• NDA 2008: The 1st ACM Workshop on Network Data Anonymization

Trace analysis

Trace generation, capture, and replay

  • Tcpreplay: replay trace files at arbitrary or original speed.
  • Tcpbridge: emulate a learning bridge in software.
  • Wireshark: full featured packet capture, printing and analysis.
  • Tcpdump: packet capture program.
  • Libpcap: packet capture library from the Tcpdump project.
  • WinPcap: Libpcap port for Windows.
  • Libnet: packet construction library.

Trace anonymization and manipulation

  • Tcprewrite: rewriting trace files.
  • Tcpdpriv: early trace anonymization tool with limited capabilities.
  • Tcpmkpub: anonymization with external protocol and anonymization definition.
  • FLAIM: framework for log anonymization and information management.
  • Sanitize: shell script based limited anonymization.
  • Tcpsplice: split, extract and merge trace files.
  • Tcpdump Anonymizer
  • Netdude

Trace archives